NEALL Business Meeting

March 16, 1997
Swarthmore College

Present: Wendy Baker Davis, Robin Lawrason, Michael Jones, Roger Sanchez-Berroa, Mary Beth Barth, Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, Matt Cinelli, Kathleen Lewis, David Wohr, John Yeagley, Anna Maria Caruso, Laura Stoudt, Alita Anderson, Carole Netter, Jen Carothers, Leslie Graul, Sister Lorraine Bruno

I. Robin Lawrason, current president opened the meeting.

A. He encouraged everyone to attend FLEATIII at the Univ. of Vancouver Aug. 12-16, 1997.
B. He thanked Michael Jones for hosting this conference

II. Wendy Baker Davis read the minutes of the NEALL '95 Business Meeting.
A. Minutes of the 1995 Business Meeting were approved.
B. She presented NEALL's financial report as of 3/12/97. It was approved.

III. Robin Lawrason spoke about Robert Henderson's early contributions to NEALL and described our $250 contribution to the Robert Henderson Memorial Fund.

IV. Plans for next NEALL conference

A. It was debated whether our next NEALL Conference should be held in the Fall or Spring.
1. Spring Break is a good time for some
2. IALL is usually held sometime after Memorial Day
3. North East Conference is held in April
4. A suggestion was made to hold two conferences - one in the Philadelphia area just for the day, one in the Pittsburgh area just for a day.
5. Attendance at this conference was 55 people. Attendance at the last Fall Conference was close to 80 (due to high school invitations).
6. It was decided to hold the next NEALL Conference in the spring of 1998, sometime around March 13-15, with the actual dates dependent on the host.
B. Related issues were also discussed
1. Lots of Grad students came this time
2. When it is held in the East , we get a bigger attendance
3. We should serve more people. Outreach to states further south.
4. It would be nice to have recruiting for NEALL at the Northeast Conference

C. Next NEALL location
1. Jay Carney had suggested Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. Director there is Mireille Vandenheuvel.
2. Sister Lorraine Bruno expressed interest in hosting a future NEALL Conference at Immaculata College
3. Jen Carothers said she would check with Mike Ledgerwood about the possibility of hosting at Stony Brook (Long Island)
4. It was agreed the conference should be held in a different region - preferably in upper-state New York
D. Conference Charges
1. There was general agreement that we should retain a one-day conference fee and a special price for grad students.
2. Robin suggested we build the price of membership right into the conference registration. We would also offer the choice of membership only for those who don't attend the conference.
3. There was some discussion about the usefulness of an Institutional Membership

4. The actual fees would depend on the expenses at the host institution, however the following fee schedule was given as an example:

$45 Entire Weekend
$20 Grad students (Entire Weekend)
$30 One-Day Only
All of the above include membership

$5-$10 Membership Only

E. Elections/Vacancies
1. In rereading the NEALL Constitution the board became aware of several things:
a. The President has the right to appoint the Vice President due to a vacancy. Robin decided to waive this and to hold the election for Vice President at the same time as our normal elections for President and Treasurer.
b. The job of soliciting nominations and sending ballots out to members a month in advance of the yearly conference falls to the Past-President. If Dale Lally is not interested in conducting the elections, it falls to Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, the past-past president. Results of the election are announced at the annual business meeting.
2. There was general agreement that we could proceed with elections for the entire board in Early Fall to be announced at the NEALL Conference in Spring 1998.

3. We received 3 nominations for the position of Vice President: Lydia Tarnavsky from Siena College, Mary Beth Barth of Hamilton College, and Mike Jones of Swarthmore College.