In 1996 NEALL lost its Vice President/President Elect, Virginia Lewis, when she moved to Texas to take on a new position. Thus, this year we must vote all three NEALL Officers. As Past President, Dale Lally has come up with the following slate for officers.



[two year office replacing vacant President's position]

Wendy Baker Davis, Franklin and Marshall College

Wendy Baker Davis has served as Secretary/ Treasurer of NEALL for the last 2-1/2 years. She is Coordinator of Classroom Technology at Franklin and Marshall College and hosted NEALL's annual conference at F&M in 1995. She continues to push forward with her faculty in the use of existing and emerging technologies to enhance language learning inside the classroom and out. This summer at IALL '97/FLEAT3 she received a Henderson/Sheppard Award for up and coming leadership in the IALL organization. Outside of work, Wendy can be found climbing the rigging of the tall ship "Gazela", or cycling the rolling hills of Lancaster County.


Vice President/President Elect

[two year office as VP followed by two more years as President when next Vice President will be elected]

Michael Jones, Swarthmore College

Michael Jones grew up abroad in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as his father worked for NATO. He is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo where he was also the Assistant Manager of the Information Technology Center at the University. He has been happily at Swarthmore for a year and half and has overseen the installation of a new state-of-the-art lab and the training of faculty and students.

Swarthmore is also beginning work on a consortial grant from the Mellon Foundation, together with Bryn Mawr and Haverford, that will support a program to integrate new approaches in the teaching of foreign languages and foster deeper cross institutional cooperation. Michael is a member of IALL, CALICO, and ACTFL, an avid hiker, chef and was the host of the 1997 NEALL conference in March of this year.



[two year office]

MaryBeth Barth, Hamilton College

MaryBeth is the Director of the Language Learning Center and the Critical Languages Program at Hamilton College. She is President of the National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs (NASILP) and a co-project director of the Hamilton College-Colgate University Mellon Language Technology Consortium. She has been a Lecturer in the Romance Languages Department at Hamilton College.